• Blondie

  • Blondes have more fun? Anyone can have fun with Champagne! 

    Blondie consists of our absolute favourite hair tie, champagne.  Since the beginning of Ruby Blue this colour has been a constant favourite, it only seemed right to dedicate a tin to it!

    If you are looking for the perfect blonde shade to match your hair, we also suggest Vanilla.  This shade is slighter lighter and blends with warm and cooler toned blondes.  If you have any questions about matching a hair tie to your hair colour (we do it too), just drop us a message and we can find the shade for you!

    • Wear in your hair or on your wrist!
    • Presented in our tin, perfect for school bags, make up bags, handbags etc
    • If you would prefer a different solid colour simply attach a note at checkout.
    • Soft stretch fabric which won't damage your hair like other harsh elastics.
    • Made in New Zealand with local and imported products.




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